Steve Malone

I like to untangle some of our twisted history, for guests who are interested to find out what was behind the horrible headlines they may have read about us… and to show how far we have come since the dark days!

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“Wow! This tour was everything we wanted and more. We went on the tour with Steve. Steve’s personal experiences and commentary compliment perfectly his historical knowledge and tour guide abilities. He was attentive, kind, patient, and really just the best. If you’re looking for the unsanitized, complete tour of Belfast, I cannot recommend this tour enough – it doesn’t seem like there are many other easy ways to get this. Steve, expect to see me again with family that still hasn’t made it to the North yet! Thanks so much!”

Incredible tour *****

“We went on a two hour walking tour with our amazing guide Steve Malone. Steve was able to condense 1500 years of complicated history into two hours in a way that was easy to follow and so informative. He was brutally honest about Belfast’s history but incredibly optimistic about the future of his country. It is all about building bridges and not walls. We were fortunate that he had some time after the tour to have a cuppa with us. We did not want to let him leave. Highly recommend!”