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Duane Fitzimons

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Duane Fitzimons

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 Lecale peninsula

I am from the beautiful landscape known as the Home of Saint Patrick. I offer walking and coach tours. My kind of tour is one that helps you to get to know the area as well as a local person.

I came to tour guiding having a background in architecture, a love of history and a passion for the outdoors. I currently work in Belfast promoting outdoor recreation and with the Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs. My real passion lies in storytelling and story collecting. It was in 2016 that I published my first book.   

It’s Ireland’s legends and extraordinary landscapes that people fall in love with. I offer tours in the area where the greatest legend lived and worked, Saint Patrick. Getting to the heart of the story you will follow in his footsteps getting to know the man, the myth, and the legend.

Long after Patrick came the Vikings and the Normans, which I trace my own lineage from. Everybody loves the serenity of this land but with its long history there have been some bloody battles fought. This has left a fascinating built heritage in the number of castles which are dotted around the area.

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